About Ezose Sciences Inc.

About Ezose Sciences Inc.
Ezose Sciences Inc. (pronounced ā-zōse) is a glycomics-focused company that leverages its unique, high-throughput glycan analysis technology in two ways:

  • as a service to support biologics drug development and manufacture
  • as a platform for discovery and development of new biomarkers and therapeutic targets

As a pioneer in glycan analysis methodologies, Ezose Sciences offers a proprietary new high-throughput solution that is compatible with complex biological samples and can deliver both qualitative and quantitative data on glycans of biological and clinical interest.

Founded in the United States in 2009, Ezose Sciences is wholly owned by Shionogi & Co., Ltd., a major research-driven pharmaceutical company based in Japan. This unique biotechnology venture was created to leverage glycan-profiling technology emerging from Japan’s prestigious Hokkaido University and is driven by American entrepreneurial spirit. Ezose’s unique alignment with Shionogi’s Diagnostic Division and its development and commercialization capabilities brings the promise of glycomics for biomarkers and personalized medicine into practical use for accelerating drug development and enhancing healthcare.

Ezose’s laboratories and headquarters are in Pine Brook, New Jersey.

Why Ezose Sciences?

Three core competencies position Ezose Sciences for success:

Technical Expertise
Ezose Sciences’ total process represents a new technology for analyzing glycans of biological and clinical interest. The company’s proprietary technology, collectively known as the GlycanMap® platform, combines a unique bead-based glycan capture technology, automated sample processing, high-throughput MALDI mass spectrometry and custom bioinformatics capabilities to deliver a high-throughput qualitative and quantitative mapping of glycans from diverse sample types.

Our People
Ezose Sciences’ leadership team has decades of experience in biological research. More than half of staff members hold doctorate degrees in Molecular Biophysics, Biochemistry and related scientific fields.

Entrepreneurial Spirit/Vision of Discovery
Ezose Sciences is a young, highly motivated and dynamic glycomics company. Ezose Sciences is focused on applying its novel GlycanMap® platform, a groundbreaking high-throughput mass spectrometry-based glycan analysis system, to address bottlenecks in bioprocessing and to discover new biomarkers and targets to advance medical practice and the treatment of disease.

Your Next Step

Our team will be happy to evaluate your individual research needs and discuss how our unique glycomics platform and capabilities can help advance your research and clinical programs. Contact Ezose Sciences today to get started.



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